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Aaaand the rest of them.

Penelope McGregor

Skye's mom. She is prone to accidents and is constantly crashing into things. Has very low self-esteem. She has a boring office job.

Lucas McGregor

Skye's dad. Has the worst sense of humour ever. Single-handedly destroyed Skye's childhood. He works as a mechanic.


Skye's inner-self. He has an odd Scottish accent. He likes to go to conscience conventions and drink from juice-boxes. He also likes to give Skye advice from time to time.

Vivianne Nowakowski

Plays the cello in Camilo's string quartet. Also plays bass clarinet. She's sort of violent. She likes to tell people that she killed her ex-boyfriend but this is not true. Sort of like Camilo's older sister in a weird way.

Cleve Emerson

Probably the only normal person in this entire comic. He plays the viola in Camilo's string quartet. Everyone calls him by his last name. Camilo trusts this man greatly.

Mr. Kouklakis

The math teacher. Somewhat hyperactive.


Protagonist of Bailey and Xin's favourite comic series: Zombie Stabbers! Adam is obsessed with zombies and everyone thinks he's crazy. But he proved them wrong when there's a massive zombie outbreak and Adam has to team up with a pair of sisters to save the world!