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These kids are the members of that super creepy newspaper club: NIRVANA! They're pretty important too but if I put them in Main Players, they'll make it all cluttered.

Camilo Martínez Botella
Student ID: #225739025
Birthday: 11/10
Random fact: He threw up once from eating mint-flavoured ice cream.

Camilo is very intense. If he stares at you too long, you'll probably get hit by lightning. (Well, he doesn't MEAN anything by staring... when he stares it's usually because he's thinking about what to say.) He's somewhat extreme and he doesn't like it when jobs are only half-done. He also doesn't like being lied to and he doesn't like getting labeled. He is also a picky eater and he hates weird combination of foods like VANILLA COKE (OH THE PAIN) and APPLES WITH PEANUT BUTTER (STOP THE MADNESS). He... doesn't like a lot of things, actually. But he does like music. If music was a person, he'd probably be married to it by now. He can play a variety of instruments but he likes piano and violin best. He also does photography and he's pretty good at it too. Uhm... he also has some problems with Sailor Moon that no one actually knows about right now.

Paris Chaffee
Student ID: #225739095
Birthday: 06/27
Random fact: He has a collection of Victorian hats. Also, he is very very scared of the dentist.

Paris is a total bastard. Yes, yes he is. And he knows it. He's critical, anal, nit-picky and an asshole. He doesn't mean to be one, he just IS. He doesn't care if she's a girl; her clothes look like they were picked out by a colour blind old woman who drank too much coffee that morning. And by the way, that movie that came last Saturday was the WORST THING EVER. Was the director on crack? He probably was, good for nothing bastard. Talking in a voice that is seething with annoyance, Paris is, in actuality, constantly angry at everyone. ANGRY at the world. No one understands him, you see. The only things that make Paris not angry are sewing and milkshakes. He likes sewing. He also especially likes fashion magazines. Paris loves his fashion magazines. And dresses. Ooooooh yeah.

Francis Chaffee
Student ID: #225739094
Birthday: 06/27
Random fact: Gets motion sickness very easily.

Also known as "the Paris that smiles". Francis is... well, not a bastard. He's pretty calm and not seething with annoyance. He's very mature, actually. Unlike the rest of NIRVANA, he actually knows how to deal with people in an effective manner without making himself sound like a freak (not saying NIRVANA is full of freaks you know). Francis is sort of good at random strange things like unpicking locks, forging handwriting and mimicking voices creepily. He also likes playing MMORPGs though he doesn't really like telling Paris about this. He's probably the only person on the face of the planet that can sort of understand Paris and his anger problems which is probably why Francis ends up doing stuff for Paris. Like... putting his hair in barrettes because Paris hates it when people can't tell them apart. You'd think they would just get different haircuts but noooooo... oh no. They can't do that.

Victoria Hollie Cromwell
Student ID: #225740442
Birthday: 10/20
Random fact: She likes to play lacrosse.

Nobody knows much about Victoria. She's very quiet and withdrawn. She doesn't really like saying what's on her mind because she gets embarrassed so easily. She hasn't been in NIRVANA for very long, apparently. The only reason she got in was because Luther HAPPENED to find her secret notebook filled with secret writing and fell in love with it. She just moved into town so she doesn't know many people. That's pretty much all I can say without spoiling something.

Jing Shi Huang
Student ID: #225739508
Birthday: 03/25
Random fact: While Jing doesn't have angry violent mood swings, he is pretty good at beating up whoever he wants.

Jing is one of those guys that have a lot of nicknames. Jingle bells, Jinga-linga-ding, Chop Suey... he doesn't really understand it himself. Jing isn't really part of NIRVANA but being Luther's super best friend sort of means he has to associate himself with them. Jing is very very smart. If you read Xin's bio, you would know exactly what this means. Yes. Jing is one of those psycho smart asian kids that can do mental math in their heads no sweat and knows the exact definition of solubility product principle. Xin doesn't like him. Not at all. They have a terrible cousin relationship and this bothers Jing greatly. Oh right, did I mention? He's Xin's cousin! Yeah!