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These guys are our main players, our main hotdogs!! REMEMBER THEIR FACES.

Skye McGregor
Student ID: #225740026
Birthdate: 02/03
Role: Main Character (with generic blue hair)
Random fact: He wanted to be a soccer player when he was younger.

Skye is the sad sort of Scottish who doesn't look vaguely Scottish and when he tries to do the accent, other people cry. He's a pretty big perfectionist who strives for one hundred percent everyday. His goal in life is to become the world's best (whatever that's supposed to mean). Most of his time is dedicated to studying, rewriting notes and reviewing for the next exam. When something distracts him, he starts to get pretty mad. And Xin and Bailey (his new best friends for life) are more than a little distracting and Skye feels more than a little upset. When he's upset, he tends to snap a lot and shout out stupid things. Then he goes to the library and brood. He's also not very good at making conversations.
Xin Yang
Student ID: #225740368
Birthdate: 04/22
Role: The Asian Guy (who isn't good at math)
Random fact: He takes a Culinary Arts course. He likes making pastries.

Xin isn't very smart; he knows that himself. But he doesn't really care. Unfortunately, his mother cares and is constantly nitpicking at everything Xin does. But Xin can't really do anything about his habits. He likes eating, sleeping and playing videogames till three in the morning. He doesn't like math... or physics... and he really doesn't want to find the cure to cancer or whatever (he does, however, want an autograph from the guy who draws Zombie Stabbers AKA his favourite comic book). Xin is usually pretty perky and happy but he knows when he has to be serious and talk about life lessons. And he has mood swings. Very angry violent mood swings that he gets when he's upset and hungry at the same time. Mostly due to the fact that he was a very angry middle school student back in the day, if you know what I mean.
Bailey Peterson
Student ID: #225740599
Birthdate: 09/29
Role: The Girl (who dyed her hair blue)
Random fact: She memorizes the lyrics to Japanese songs to the point that she even has the accent right.

Bailey is the sort of girl who usually stands around with big smiles on her face, without really knowing why she's smiling. She can be emotional too, usually bursting into tears (which is annoying but pretty cute) when something bad happens. She likes baking cookies, although her cookies always end up as "extreme hardcore cookies" that are either too sweet or too salty or just too hardcore for anyone to enjoy. Her specialities are breaking up conflicts and making happy sentences. Xin is her BEST FRIEND FOREVER and they have one of those friendship keychains to prove it. She likes playing videogames (like the cool new Zombie Stabbers MMORPG that all the hip kids are playing) and reading comicbooks and dancing to hyper pop music. She's good at cheering people up.
Ruby Safire
Student ID: #225740011
Birthdate: 05/17
Role: The Gossip Queen (which is just a fancy term for PERSON WHO STALKS EVERYONE)
Random fact: She has good marksmanship from playing first person shooters.

You... really shouldn't mess with Ruby. Honestly, unless you want to be humuliated for the rest of your high school life, it's best not to get on her bad side. (One way of not getting on her bad side is to NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT HER LAST NAME.) You also shouldn't question her methods: she knows where you live. She knows what you do after school. She knows what you did last year at that Christmas party. She's probably watching you right now. Ruby knows everything about everyone. She has microphones and videocameras all over the school. She has boxes and boxes of information on every student. Where she finds time to do all this, who knows? Ruby isn't exactly a "popular" girl though: Student Government has major issues with her.
Morgan Spencer
Student ID: #225740301
Birthdate: 12/23
Role: The Short Kid (who hides in small spaces)
Random fact: He's good with kids. Serious.

Most people think that Morgan's name is "Moe" when it really isn't. Moe is just the name Ruby gave him. Moe is probably the only person that Ruby fully trusts in everything. They have a strong friendship, for some reason. Moe is Ruby's accomplice and follows her wherever she goes, doing whatever she asks. Though in nature, Moe is actually very nervous and paranoid: his speech patterns usually involves many pauses and "uhms". But being around Ruby makes him very calm and he has less trouble communicating. Moe is often hiding in small and unusual places (being short helps), spying and gathering information on people. He's kinder than Ruby, leading Skye and company to FORCEFULLY SQUEEZE information from Moe.
Luther Van Aerden
Student ID: #225739800
Birthdate: 07/11
Role: That Dorky Upperclassman (it's embarrassing to even look at him)

Random fact: He has two older sisters and he doesn't like them very much.

Luther is a very nice young man. He's the leader of a newspaper club called NIRVANA. He cares about NIRVANA very very much. It is his most prized possession and he will protect it with HIS LIFE. He's sort of a literary junkie (people who READ FOR A HOBBY) and he really likes blogging and playing RPGs. People may say that he's somewhat a wuss (in PE especially) but Luther isn't the type to get pushed around into doing things just because people want him to. Actually, he really hates seeing other people get pushed around or getting harassed. You see, Luther is a very nice young man. It's just that his eccentric personality sort of messes things up for him. But he usually knows what he's doing. Usually.