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from otherwise - ;___; auuhhh watercoloursss... *falls in love with it* from Fat Hobbit - :> TEE HEE ANIMATION THIS IS SO COOL from Croon - *sighs* I love the way the eyelashes are done. I LOVE YOUR ART. from Antares - *v*~  I love the colouring job! *pokes Skye's CD player* :D from Catherine - THANKS SO MUCH CATHERINE THANKS SO MUCH from Sashikinoneko - ooohhh Bailey in all her sparkliness. So cute! from sixpinkwhiskers - no, I don't mind that this looks sort of gay. IT'S PRETTY. from Heldrad - aww so adorable I love this! ;____;
from Chibi Laura - LOL LOL XIN IS THE TALLEST :DDD from Cold Turkey - I WAS THOROUGHLY AMUSED BY THIS. <3 from Happy Hatter - this makes so much sense, I think all the questions I had about life have been answered. from Taco Totes - Xin saying "OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE" is forever burned in my mind. This. Picture. IS SO CUTE. from Yoshgirl - TEE HEE. TEE HEE HEE. <333 from Amiko_16 - GASP! Skye! Don't cross out a picture of your BFFs!! LOL LOL!! :D from oni-bu/uke-sama - is this... what I think it is?! FIRST FANART OF RUBY AND MOE?! The recycling bin is FAB-U-LOUS. from Isanohohoemi - I am so greatly impressed by this picture. ;_____; *WIPES TEARS*
from Comic Relief - :) XIN'S SMILE FILLS ME WITH A FEELING OF GREATNESS. IDK. from Chaotic Oasis - ooohhhh I like this because it looks different! HOW REFRESHING! from Chaotic Oasis - *pokes them* :DDDD from Xnightingale - such a cute pretty style. *v* Bailey looks pretty. from Suppi - THE LINES ARE SO SMOOTH HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! from Ash Kitty Sama Sensei - ohohohoho raddest guild evaaahhh eh?? from Heldrad - thank you so much for the birthday present!! *cries* from A Vodka Bottle(LOL) - ANOTHER BIRTHDAY PRESENT. ;___; Thank you so much!!
from Sakqia -  awwww adorable Moe picture... *pats his head* :3 from lanaluvsroses - THE SHOUJO BUBBLES. THEY ARE MESMERIZING. from Samrin - Luther looks damn fine. DAMN FINE. And he knows so. from Ziggy - OHHHH!! POPSICLES?! AND ALTERNATE?! TOGETHER IN ONE PICTURE?! IS THAT POSSIBLE. Yes. from Suppi - wow, Paris! You should be proud! You already have fanart even though you're a minor character!! BE PROUD (AND SEW DRESSES)! from oni-bu/uke-sama - Did you hear that, Bailey? The mole isn't real! from Connie Kwee - Did you hear that, Bailey? The piercings aren't real either! from SO CUTE. XIN + MOE'S FACES = LOL and Skye just sort of being there is also LOL.
from Suiko-chan - ALL 3 OF THEM IN THE SAME PICTURE! *___* PRETTY