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The Souffle Battle

The comic where cooking is taken too seriously.
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April Fools 2007 April Fools 2008

Only slightly retarded and dorky.
Remember this?! The really really old wallpaper that I am now ashamed to look at?!

That other wallpaper! The one I did for Alternate's birthday! Man, it looks dorky!

The wallpaper I drew for absolutely no reason other than the fact that I wanted to do a NIRVANA group picture.

A comic that can go from absolutely hilarious to sickeningly scary, this is really an amazing piece of work.IT'S SHOUJO IT'S SHOUJO. A comic about love and just that. We all need shoujo in our lives!!A very strange comic. Leaves me feeling very strange and peculiar. A good strange. I mean, there's a talking dog.
There's a horse prince, a girl with a curse in her blood and frickin' nice art. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH SOMETHING AS GREAT AS THIS?!Antimony. There's a girl named Antimony. Thanks to this comic, that element will always have a place in my heart. Fabulous comic. Everytime a question is answered, five more pop out of the story. They just keep on coming.Well, who wouldn't want to read about a not-so-emo emo and a jock that's actually prettay smart? Well, there're some punches to the face and occasional Batman references but hey, that's cool. OF COURSE. BL comic.
Excuse me, we're talking about a ninja who's a doctor here. A NINJA WHO IS A DOCTOR. What are you standing there gawking for?! GO READ IT!!Eve Ning is a Brooklyn hero legend and Hanna is a baker on drugs and this comic is a chronicle of their wonderful adventures. Yeah, and did I mention that the duck only seeks bread?High school. High school girls. A comic about high school girls. I'm pretty sure you know what this comic is going to involve.
There are very few fantasy comics that are done so well. Even if this is a discontinued comic, it's worth a read. Trust me.A quirky and cute comic that's is funny and clever. I mean, what more is there to ask? There're dinosaurs and evil 10-year olds and three kids named The Voice of God. CAN'T GET BETTER.Pirates! And action! And a hero who loves apple juice! Really nice professional looking art and pretty funny too.
Recently restarted but that's okay, the new pages are pretty sweet and awesome. Reapers, ghosts and the son of the devil, gosh this is fab.There're just something about this comic, you know? It's one of those serious but hilarious comics that you can't get enough of. There're also talking manticores.This is really funny and has a really unique style. The main character is a cynical jerk who ridicules everything but you just can't get enough of it, you know??
The... art is... so pretty. And the comic is more like a novel... and it's lovely.This comic fills me with lol and happiness and Dusan is the best main character EVER.Julian is a dork and Landan is a jerk and together they are sort of like a superhero duo except instead of fighting crime, they're trying to find the identity of mysterious auther Sydney Morgan?!

A sweet story of a blue eyed boy. The art is simplistic but really amazing. BL comic.Sure, stick people comics can be funny. This one is funny. With memorable quotes too.

Just started but I love the main character so of course I love the comic. The art is gorgeous; the author is really talented.